Not everyone can make it to a CrossFit gym.  When I started in 2005 I was living in Langley and the only affiliate in Canada was CrossFit Vancouver.  So I followed the website from my garage for 3 years and got amazing results without ever paying a cent to CrossFit.

How great is that?  Try before you buy.

When people complain about their lack of fitness they usually give me one of the following reasons why they cannot get fit.  Can you guess what those are?

1) I don’t have the money.
In our culture it is not considered polite to call bullshit when someone says they are restricted by finance.  Vancouver is such a polite city.  Especially Dunbar Street.  Well CrossFit took away that excuse.  The workouts are posted online for free for anyone who wants to follow them so if you’re not following them then it is not because you lack the money.  Lie to me if you are too embarrassed to tell the truth but don’t lie to yourself.

2) I don’t have the time.
This is the second lie that we tell ourselves and others.  Everyday I see people with busier schedules than 90% of the world bend over backwards to MAKE the time to stay fit.  But here’s the great thing about CrossFit – most WODs average only 15-20 minutes.  Many are even shorter.  Are you saying you cannot set aside 15 minutes three times a week to get fit?

Now there’s no more excuses not to achieve the fitness you dream of possessing.  Thanks CrossFit.

But wait!  I don’t have any equipment.  I don’t have the space.  I don’t know how to do the movements.

Well let me help you out.  I have trained in playgrounds, on beaches, in cramped hotel rooms, and on beaches.  I have used my wife and son as weights, lifted garbage dumpsters, logs and cases of bottled water.  I have hung off of bridges, door frames, bathroom stalls, railings and concrete overhangs.  Wherever you are, whatever you have with you, I promise that if you have the will you can improvise a workout.

If you are willing to set your excuses aside, I will guide you to fitness.  Today’s video contains the group class WOD that we will be doing with the group classes today at CrossFit Empower.

5 Rounds
25 Kettlebell Swings
25 Glute-Ham Sit Ups
25 Back Extensions
25 Knees to Elbows

If you live near the Dunbar neighbourhood maybe you want to come down and join us.

If you are not near an affiliate my video will give you suggestions on how to get this workout done with little or no equipment.

Dedicated to my friend Tariq.