June 9 2015

Usually I wake 6am or 6:30am on my days off & get a lot of work done before taking Kaelin to school.  I woke briefly to Sunghee’s morning alarm and then again when she departed for work but each time I fell asleep again, unable to rise.

Sunghee left some beef jerky in the oven with the timer on.  If not for that I might not have awakened at all.  Even when the timer sounded at 7:30am it took a lot of beeping before I was able to groggily drag myself from bed.  What is wrong with me?

Managed some breakfast then walked Kaelin to work feeling like a zombie.  And yes, my feet still ache.  Even the sunny Vancouver weather didn’t revive me.  Took 10 minutes longer than usual to walk from Kaelin’s school to CrossFit.

Luckily today just a split jerk 1-rep max.  Considering my sorry state I programmed my working sets to be calibrated between 70-80% of my 1-rep max: 175-185-190-195-200#.  Heavy enough to be a workout, light enough to use good form throughout.  If nothing else it served to snap me out of my zombie-state.

Walked home along Dunbar feeling much more awake though still tired.  Muddled through my most urgent work but didn’t have the juice in me to get through everything on my to-do list.  Stepped out to get Kaelin from school then returned home to concentrate on doing very little.  Was mostly successful.

Only too happy to retire to bed.

Beef jerky, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes

Post WOD coconut water

Salmon & veggies, berries & coconut milk, beef jerky, berries & coconut milk

Lunch #2
Salmon, veggies & sausage, berries & coconut milk
Coconut milk & banana popsicle, chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk