Consistency is the key to success but what is the key to consistency?

How do you stay motivated when life gets busy, health problems arise, work projects bog you down and Vancouver’s holiday festivities threaten to waylay you?

Stop paying attention to the obstacles and keep your eyes on the finish line!  What is the goal that you are training for?  Visualize yourself transformed.  What will you look like?  What will you be capable of?  Unassisted pull ups?  500# deadlift?  5 minute mile?  How will you feel?  Confident?  Accomplished?  Like a sexy beast?

When someone hands you that glass of eggnog, picture your goal and ask if the eggnog will get you there.  When you feel too tired and overwhelmed for the gym, picture your goal and ask yourself if skipping the WOD will help you achieve it.

CrossFit works as long as you do.

“Discipline is remembering what you want” – David Campbell, Saks Fifth Avenue

Stop looking at the obstacles, instead lock your eyes on the finish line and keep struggling toward it one step at a time.  It won’t be easy.  There will be set backs.  There will be missteps.  Do not take your eyes off the prize!

The great thing about CrossFit Empower is you have a whole family of supportive friends from 11 years old to 72 all working toward their fitness goals and cheering for you as you work towards yours.

If you live near the Dunbar neighbourhood and are seeking a fitness-minded community to help support you in realizing your goals come pay us a visit!