It has been more than four months since we reopened and we’re happy to report that so far all Empower members remain healthy thanks to everyone’s great work at staying home to quarantine after travel or during regular non-COVID cold symptoms, reduced class sizes, social distancing in the gym, no sharing of equipment, hand washing and station and equipment cleaning.  With safety procedures now routine, we are looking forward to a fun, fitness-filled October!

Our Programs are in full swing including CrossFit Group Classes, Athletics and KidFit.
Our membership fee structure has changed to reflect class size limitations but all current Empower members (you) will continue at the old rate and have been upgraded to Premium membership status giving you access to CrossFit Group Classes, Open Gyms, Athletics and all Zoom WODs including HeeHee’s growing Original Strength Zoom class which has shifted to 8am Saturdays.

Group Class Cancellation Changes
As per your feedback the 5am, 6am and 8am Group classes now have an 8-hour cancellation window.  All other classes continue to prefer the 2-hour cancellation standard.  Missed classes are rewarded with 50 burpees (good for you) or a $20 donation to the equipment fund (good for everyone).  The membership will consider harsher penalties on a case-by-case basis for repeat offenders.

Thanksgiving Weekend
The 8-hour cancellation will be in effect for classes scheduled for the Thanksgiving long weekend October 10-12th.   Please note schedule changes for Monday October 12th.  In particular, the 9:15am group class will be shifted to 9:00am though its name (9:15) will not be changed in the system.

October 24th Gym Closure
Gorila assures us that our new pull up rig expansion set will arrive in time for Saturday October 24th when Sandman’s contractor is booked to help us reconfigure the gym.  The new layout will provide us more pull up stations, wall ball targets, rope climbs, high rings, handstand push ups stations and lifting stations.  It will allow more group class members to access the rig while maintaining safe social distancing.  The gym will be closed the day of the install and the Saturday morning classes will be held outside at a location to be announced (rain or shine).  We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Handyman Needed
While Sandman’s contractor reconfigures the gym we also require a handyman to help us with the finer details of the project like repositioning our handstand push up stations.  As our previous two member-referred handymen have left town for Bowen Island and New Zealand respectively, we are looking to line someone up to help us October 24th.  If you know someone please send me their contact info.

Equipment Care
COVID has taken a real toll on gym equipment.  Replacement equipment is difficult and expensive to get these days.  Thanks to our barbell cleaning volunteers who worked so hard to restore our rusted bars.  Unfortunately we lost two barbells in the process and are now short a couple men’s bars.  There is no knowing how long we will have to wait for their replacements to arrive from Rogue.  When spraying down the barbells before and after use, please make sure you clean the knurling (the part of the bar you touch) but do not spray the sleeves (the part the plates touch).  When spraying down rowers, bikes and ski ergs, please wipe the display monitors, do not soak them with spray.  Most gym equipment is durable and can withstand some abuse but please try not to handle it carelessly.  We know you’re strong but you do not need to slam the barbells back into their holders when you’re done lifting.  The better care we take of our equipment, the better equipment we’ll have to play with!

Original Strength Pro Cert
October 24th & 25th our Empower Original Strength Coaches Mom, Jet, Shades, HeeHee and WOD Father will be attending (via Zoom) the Original Strength Pro Certification course.  Having personally benefitted greatly from this program we are eager to upgrade our knowledge and skill set to serve you and ourselves better!

Burpees Owing PSA
If your name is on the board and your burpees are not paid off by October 1st they will double in number.

Make Up Day

1) 5K Run

2) 21-15-9
Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans

3) WF Daily
Complete the following in any order in as few sets as possible resting as needed between efforts.

1 minute each:
Hanging Hold
Handstand Hold
Squat Hold
Table Pose Hold
Ring Support Hold
Headstand Hold
Crow Pose Hold
L-Sit Hold
Plank Hold Centre
Plank Hold Left
Plank Hold Right

Score = number of sets required to complete all holds. Each break in a hold = 1 point.
Perfect score = 0

4) Empower Reset #14
1 min Belly Breathing Face-Down
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations

3 mins
20 Cross-Touch Bird Dog
10 Elevated Rocks

3 mins
10 Egg Rolls
20 Cross Touch Dead Bugs

4 Rounds
Hands & Knees Box Crawl
Leopard Box Crawl

3 mins
10 Alt Sit Throughs
10 Full Body Rocks

1 min Ring Plank Hold
400m Overhead Plate Carry @15/25#