June 19 2015

Its a fact that some people can get away with eating junk and still perform.  I cannot.

Since last Saturday I have had one DQ dipped cone, one Moki’s pizza, a couple pieces of dark chocolate and a big bowl of cereal.  That’s it.  The rest was clean.  But today I hurt.  All over.

I am not the only one.  Among our athletes 40+ years old I see a lot of stiffness and soreness.  The struggle to get an overhead squat.  Constant rolling & stretching to little avail.  Today that is me.  How much of that stiffness & soreness in our athletes is caused by poor eating.  I would bet 80%.  And we could test that if folks would just invest 2 weeks in trying a dietary change.  They would feel the remarkable difference.  But we are so emotionally attached to our eating habits we would rather live in pain.

Not me.  I had a brief lapse.  Neither the first nor the last but the pain today is enough to put me back on the straight & narrow.  Everything hurts, numbness in both legs.

4:15am walked to work.  A make up day.  Some great breakthroughs.  Dangers got a solid 4m handstand walk.  Shades crushed some weighted pull ups.  Rookies Crusher & 2Badd took on the row-wall ball WOD, Jazz took down HeroWOD Servais, Springs did the row-wall ball then killed the shoulder press-weighted pull up WOD.  Big day!

A busy coaching morning.  Sunghee joined me for our WOD:

12min AMRAP
10 DB Squat Snatch @70#
20 Box Jumps @24″

There was just no way.  My hips were so tight and my back was threatening to flare up.  I used a 20# dumbbell and struggled.  My ankles, knees and hips complained at every box jump.  It was the most excruciating WOD of the week.  4 painful rounds.

After the noon class I had time to get some work done.  Ran over to Dunbar Greetings.  A lovely, summery Vancouver day.

I squeezed in work on my strengths day training.  Doing the things I love & am good at.  Only today I wasn’t.  Weaker than usual & sore.  It was a half-hearted effort at best.

After the evening classes Springs gave me a lift home.  It was nice to be home early enough to spend time with Sunghee & Kaelin.  Ate & watched Pitch Perfect.  Then to bed.  Thoroughly exhausted.  Slept quickly.

Chicken burger, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice

Breakfast #2
Salmon in olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk

Chicken curry with sweet potato, banana, berries & coconut milk

Lunch #2
Chicken burger & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk
Chicken curry, banana, berries & coconut milk


Dinner #2
Chicken burger & cheese, berries & coconut milk