Saturday we wrapped the day with another Family Game Day courtesy of Coach Sprite, this time hosted at Queen Elizabeth track.  The game was soccer.

What a pleasant way to get together and hang out.  There was sweat and there was laughter.  Kids played like kids and so did the adults!

It is one of my favourite features of our community that members and their families get to participate together.  Fitness is something that we should be able to share with the people we love.

There will be no Game Day next Saturday August 8th but we will resume Saturday August 15th.  Sprite will release details closer to that date.

Monday Make Up Day
Good news is the classes for tomorrow’s holiday Monday look nearly full.  The better news is that we should be able to accommodate everyone on the wait list.   We’ve programmed a special outdoor option to be sure you get a chance to play!

Here’s your menu of options:

1) Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

2) 20 mins SLIPS

3) 7 min AMRAP 20 DB Push Press & 40 DU

4) 21-15-9 Back Squats, 42-30-18 GHD Sit Ups

5) Original Strength Reset #5
1 min Belly Breathe In Any Position
30 sec Head Nods In Any Position
30 sec Head Rotations In Any Position

1 min Upper-Body Full Rolls And Half Rolls
1 min Lower-Body Full Rolls And Half Rolls

7 mins
20x Dead Bugs
10x Windshield Wipers

7 mins
10x Rock On Hands And Knees
20x Bird Dogs

4 Rounds
1 min Forward/Backward Hands And Knees Crawl
30 sec Forward/Backward Leopard Crawl

6) Carrying On
4x 400m DB Carry AFSAP
Overhead-Rack-Farmer’s Carry @25/35#

With most of the WODs under 30 minutes, the way we can fit everyone in is to have wait listed members start with over flow option #6 Carrying On and then halfway through the class change places with members in the class who are taking on one of the shorter workouts like SLIPS, the Reset or the AMRAP.  It requires a bit extra effort but we’re making it work!