Games day is back, come join us this Saturday August 15th, 2020 for the third Empower
Games Day, I will be hosting in Almond park at 12th and Alma at 2pm.

Bring your energy we’re going to be playing Animal Tag for our games portion.  Get fit and have fun with
the whole family, it’s only $10 dollars per family for a fun-filled hour of excitement.

We will start with a quick introduction and then we will jump right into the 1st portion of
the itinerary which is an exciting warm up transforming everyone into their favourite
zoo animals, as well as some unfamiliar additions.

The Workout of the Day is a short interval couplet suitable for all ages and a variety of athletic abilities from zero to the hero.

After a short break, let the games begin. Animal tag is like any other game of tag however all participants will be channeling their inner animals rotating through the variety of animals we sampled during our warm up. Additionally I will be calling out different animals everyone will be transforming into regularly, only one person is IT at a time and whoever gets tagged next is then the designated single person IT.

Empower Members can sign up through Zen Planner; non-members who are interested in joining the
festivities can reach me at my email [email protected] or through my cell at 604-880-3634.

Hope to see you all there ready and excited to enter the land of the wild.

Friday Classic Bro WOD
Equipment: Barbell, dumbbells or alternative

Warm Up
1 min Scap Rock
1 min Ring Rows/DB Rows
1 min Bird Dogs
1 min OS Push Ups
1 min Lat Pull Ups/DB Reverse Flies
1 min Dead Bugs
1 min Down Dog Push Ups
1 min Ring Rows/DB Rows
1 min Windshield Wipers
1 min Judo Push Ups
1 min Lat Pull Ups/DB Reverse Flies
1 min Plank (20/20/20) Right/Centre/Left

Floor Press
Strict Pull Up

20 min AMRAP
12 Floor Press
12 Strict Pull Ups

Cool Down
Belly Breathing
Head Nods
Scap Rock
Scap Rotations
Scap Retractions
Forearm Rock
Table Pose
Upper Body Half Roll