July 4 2015

Woke an hour before the alarm today just short of 8 hours sleep.

Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)

After breakfast walked to work early in sunlight (-2)

A tough but short WOD for the CrossFit Group Classes today and a hot Vancouver day added just a bit of suffering.  Completing RX’d were BFG, Super Mario, Dangers, Dr. T, The Calm & Aquagirl!

At 9am Dr. T brought in his sons for CrossFit Junior and Sunghee brought in Kaelin.  The boys did the WOD with Dr. T & Dangers and they hit it hard!  It is the highlight of my month.  Kaelin has shifted into sullen teenage boy mode on most things rarely expressing enthusiasm about anything.  But after this hard workout he approached me privately and said “That was fun!”  I guess having kids his own age to play with made a difference.  For us dads getting to workout with our sons is awesome.  I want more of this.  Parents, bring your kids.  Fitness for the whole family!  It is the realization of a long held dream.
After the morning classes The Touch came in to hit the WOD with me

Weighted Ring Dip

We had fun challenging each other.  I’m good at this event and felt confident I could win so in the end I called too high and missed my 5th rep at 80#.  Seeing his opportunity, The Touch snatched the victory away from me.  And I brought it on myself.  Once again, losing sucks but the competition sure is fun!  My heaviest 5 was at 75#. (-1)

By this time I was very hungry

Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, 2 of Sunghee’s delicious paleo muffins (+4)

Got much work done then the 2pm class.

Mighty Mouse offered me a ride home but better for my back to walk along Dunbar Street in the sunshine (-2).  Hot, sweaty and tired when I got in.

Ate again.
Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, apple & watermelon

Finished off some work then napped briefly.  Relaxed.  Sunghee made a lovely dinner.

Steak, Caesar salad (dressing +3), berries & coconut milk
Retired early to bed.

Daily Totals:
Sleep 0
Walk -2
Sun -2
WOD -1
Food +9
Balance: +4