I am typing this blogpost from Big Boss’ beautiful Vancouver Island property.  Yesterday we made an escape from Dunbar Street and took a ferry ride over to paradise and my first (and last) 4 days off in a row for 2015.

Lucky us, the sun has been shining over the lake and we survived the earthquake.  We took the kayaks out yesterday before dinner.  Today we were up in the frosty dawn loading wheel barrows with gravel and hauling them up the 400m drive to fill potholes.  That was before breakfast.  After breakfast we hauled fallen trees and then chopped wood.  Like the snatch and the clean it is less about strength than technique and accuracy.  Fun!!!  Also studies have shown chopping wood raises testosterone levels in men:)

Next we will take Big Boss to see Star Wars since the girls won’t go with him.  Everyone should see Star Wars!  And I don’t mind seeing it again, even if it means less time for wood chopping.

Getting away is actually great for reflection and we have had many thoughts and productive conversations about our CrossFit Empower community that leave me excited.

We will head back early tomorrow so that I can squeeze in the last WOD of 2015 to accomplish my goal of 2nd consecutive year without missing a single posted CrossFit WOD! From there we will go to Mellow & Taskmaster’s as per our New Year’s tradition.  This year Shutterbug & Rick will be joining us:)

4 days off is good but I miss you.  Thus the impromptu blog post.  Also I wanted to mention that in 2016 I hope to complete my 3rd consecutive year of no missed CrossFit WODs.  To get off to a good start I will be working out 10am New Year’s morning.  I have put the class on the schedule as an Open Gym.  We had a great turn out Christmas morning, I’d love some company on the 1st.  Please book your space online as we can only take 8 people.  Please come prepared with a WOD to work on as I will be training not coaching.

Happy New Year!

Looking for a CrossFit gym crazy enough to be open New Year’s day?  You found us.  CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street!