I arrived to CF Empower in my mid-40’s after trying for several years after baby number 2 to lose weight and get back into a healthy workout routine.  Previously I had used running as a great mental and physical fitness routine, but a car accident and two deliveries had left me prone to hip problems that gave me grief every time I tried to run more than 5 km.

A friend and relative suggested I try CrossFit to build up the strength to get back to running and I was keen on the overall fitness philosophy I learned about in the fundamentals class.  I won’t lie, the opportunity to begin CrossFit with some friends sharing the cost, the aches and pains and the satisfaction of learning the movements in the fundamentals class made a huge difference in getting started.

But what has kept me going for more than 5 years now is the community atmosphere and the consistent improvement that my personal commitment of 3 classes/week has yielded.   I began CrossFit with persistent lower back pain and now I wake up pain free . . . sometimes I’m a bit stiff though from a workout.  But I view this as a win.

I am now over 50 and I am in better shape than when I was 40!!  I look forward to getting better and stronger as my mobility has just continued to improve over the past years and now I can run more than 5K.  This year I plan to run my first 10K in a long while with my teenage daughter.

I work hard at my job and I have no interest in turning my time at CrossFit into work too.  I appreciate that I am welcomed each time I show up and I like working out with a broad range of people ranging from pre-teens to 70-somethings.  I come ready to try hard and I always focus on developing my range of motion.  I don’t worry about my times or my number of reps too much.

I travel for my work and have to miss classes from time to time.  I make a point of fitting in 3 workouts a week, even when I am on the road by doing a travel WOD in my hotel gym or room or I visit CrossFit all over the world.

On my off days I do a tailored yoga flow sequence that I developed to help me stretch out my trouble spots.  This has helped me to avoid injury as I’ve been getting older, better and wiser!  My friends and coaches at CrossFit Empower are encouraging and offer tips and tricks for continuing to make it work, physically, mentally and even emotionally.  Sometimes even 3 times a week seems tough . . . but then I see how my energy levels improve by challenging my body regularly and it is easy to stay motivated; alongside the great community at CrossFit Empower.