One of the most (in)famous CrossFit benchmark WODs along with Fran & Murph, Fight Gone Bad was created by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman for a then up and coming mixed martial arts competitor BJ Penn who was making his UFC debut.  The workout mimics an MMA fight with three round of five minutes each separated by a one minute break.  In this WOD the athlete rotates through 5 stations spending a minute at each trying to accumulate as many reps as possible at each station.

The movements include CrossFit staples:
Wall balls
Sumo deadlift high pulls
Box jumps
Push press
CrossFit_Empower_Push_Press2 (2)CrossFit_Empower_Push_Press
Calorie row.
At the end of 17 minutes the total reps/calories are totaled to give the athlete’s score.

Yesterday Fight Gone Bad was on the menu on Dunbar street as our Vancouver athletes challenged this very tough WOD.
CrossFit_Empower_SDHPCrossFit_Empower_Push_Press2 (1)
Congratulations those who RX’d it: MK, Terminator, The Law, Prime, Yeti, Sandman, Bruiser, BFG, Music Man, Doc Disc, Thunder, Smash, Still Waters, Brick, HeeHee, Super Mario & Hard Rock
CrossFit_Empower_RX2 CrossFit_Empower_RX3
Want to experience Fight Gone Bad for yourself?