July 9 2015

Slept in until 7am (-2).  Threw in some laundry, did some work, ate breakfast.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes (+2), cranberry juice (+2)
All the while filled with trepidation over the CrossFit WOD awaiting me.

When Sunghee & Kaelin woke we walked up Dunbar Street to the gym (-2).

Fight Gone Worse
Wall Balls @20#
SDHP @75#
Box Jumps @20″
Push Press @75#
Calorie Row

Same movements as Fight Gone Bad but this one a task priority rather than a time priority WOD.  In traditional FGB I usually get about 300 reps.  This one not done until 500 reps completed.  Fight Gone Worse.  And we had the hot Vancouver morning sun beating down on us.

My first goal was to get all the first set of wall balls done unbroken.  I even entertained the notion of doing 8 extra to get 50 consecutive but once I was at 42 all fleeting thoughts of showing off quickly fled and I was content with the prescribed reps.  42, yay!  The Touch did all wall ball rounds unbroken.  I did not have it in me.  20-10 in round 2 and 9-9 in round 3.

Sumo Deadlifts were proper awful.  My 1st & 2nd rounds I managed sets of 6 but by round 3 I was down to 3’s.

Box Jumps slow & steady.

Wanted to do Push Presses unbroken but needed two sets in rounds 1 & 2 going unbroken only in the 3rd round.

The row was an opportunity to sit down between rounds.  I was not very fast.

Finished at 35:37.  Grueling!

Post WOD
2x Coconut water (+2), banana (+1)
Sweaty & exhausted we walked home (-2)

After a shower we drove to UR Store to pick up new staff shirts.  Then home for lunch.

Was so hungry could not stop eating.
Bulgogi & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, watermelon, jipo (dried fish +2), chicken breast, more berries & coconut milk, handful of lentil chips (+3)
Watched Waterboy with Kaelin.

After that I worked then rested tiredly.

Salmon with olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk
Watched Monsters Dark Continent on Netflix.

Then to bed.  Too hot to sleep.

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Walk -2
Sun -2
WOD -3
Food +12

Balance +3