Check out how Rocket followed in his parents’ footsteps at CrossFit Empower and achieved new heights in his health and fitness. Lead and your kids just may follow! At CrossFit Empower we’ve seen both sides of the coin, with parents also coming in after their children have started at the gym.  Our focus is on fitness and health for all ages and stages.  The key is to start and who knows who may join you down the road!

Thank you Rocket for sharing your story.  It has been wonderful to see your progress in the gym through High School and now University.

What brought you to CrossFit Empower?

I joined CrossFit Empower because of my parents (Auto and Dauntless). They started at Empower when I was in high school. They would always come home and tell my sister and me about the fun workout they did that day and how different it was from all the gyms they had been to before. At the time, I was working out doing basic movements at a Community Centre and CrossFit seemed like a fun and challenging opportunity (in comparison).

I have always loved working out but what I was doing had become stale. I looked at @crossfitempower every so often and saw all the interesting workouts my parents were doing which ranged from push-ups and squats to Olympic lifting and gymnastics. It seemed different from anything I had done and looked a lot more fun!  The old CrossFit Empower gym was also a quick five-minute walk from my house. My parents would complain all the time about how hard it was, and I wanted to see for myself.  It turns out they weren’t complaining about nothing!

What was your first impression?  How has it changed?

Initially when people my age (18-21) talk about CrossFit there’s quite a bit of caution because of how different it is.  So, when my parents started doing it I was rather skeptical. I also think a lot of that negative rhetoric comes from people who try CrossFit once, don’t get taught the movements properly and hurt themselves. The Empower Beginner classes definitely changed my mind about that concern.  In the classes you spend a good two weeks getting familiar with the (fundamental) movements. After this period, and only until Corey and Leon (owners) deem us ready, can we move into full on group classes and workouts. This set-up was a great introduction to the gym and also taught me so much about lifting safely. Along with this coaching support an unexpected bonus is the actual support from other members in the gym.  It is something I didn’t expect but is unmatched by any other gym experience I have had.

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?

My first bright spot was in the old gym when I got my first ring muscle up and bar muscle up. I spent a few consecutive days going to Open Gyms to practice the movements.   I remember getting it (after these few days of practice) and yelling out “FINALLY” when I got it.  My quick progression ruffled the feathers of some seasoned members (who worked for years to obtain these skills). I was grilled by the 6am class the next day about my antics (learning it “taking so long”).  It is still a really funny story and gets brought up every so often as a good memory.

What are you working on now?

There are a couple things I am focused on, getting better double-unders and beating Smash. Beating Smash has proven to be exceedingly difficult, so for now the focus is double-unders and handstand holds. I would like to be able to do a free standing handstand and maybe a handstand walk but I know that will take some time, as will beating Smash!

What is your favourite Empower memory so far?

I have so many good memories!  Recently, I did a partner workout with my mom, Dauntless. This workout was definitely something I wouldn’t have seen us doing before Empower but it was great to push each other and have another avenue to spend time together. As a gym, we also recently concluded the Covid Games which was an awesome idea.  The team aspect and competing against other members was great. It may not be a specific memory but anytime someone in the gym gets a personal best is so much fun.  Everyone in the class gets super excited and it’s just great to see the huge smile on the person’s face with everyone cheering them on.

Thanks again Rocket.  Here is one of my favourite pictures of you with your family, taken on your 19th birthday at the end of the 6am class.  Gotta love it!  Keep on keeping on.  Good luck on the fight to beat Smash.