First Aid course

On March 2nd 2024 Empower will be hosting a first aid course in the gym. If you are in need of a renewal and would like to join our group or have questions please email [email protected] and we can add you to the list. There will be an online portion that needs to be completed before the course starts on Saturday March 2nd.  We hope to see some of you there.

Thought of the day

“Improving yourself is a lot more profitable than trying to improve others.” –Dale Carnegie

Tuesday’s make up day is another opportunity to invest in you.  For those of you that have been taking on the strength cycle, you will get the opportunity to test for a new one rep max. If you missed out on a previous workout this cycle you can take that on. Lastly you can develop a skill or take on the make up day workout. Whatever you decide to take on, make sure it is an investment in your improvement.

Sometimes it is easy to want things to just get easier. But sometimes your commitment to improvement will be the only thing that makes things easier. In the gym and in life you have today. Will it be an opportunity to get one percent better or will it be a wasted opportunity? I have this fight many days as I drag myself to jiu jitsu or get ready to work out after a four am wake up. I know I will feel better after. Usually what makes it a good or bad session is my attitude. Was I there to improve or just trying to go through motions. Every day does not need to be your best day. But investing in yourself and your progress will never be a waste of time.






  1. Strict Amanda


Strict MU

Squat Snatches 95/135#


  1. 2

10 minute Amrap

5 STOH 75/115#

10 Deadlifts 75/115#

15 Box Jumps 20/24”


  1. 12 minute Angia

3 minutes each

Pull ups

Push Ups

Sit ups



  1. OHS

1 Rep Max


  1. Shoulder press

1 Rep Max


  1. 20 minute Amrap

30 DU

12 TGU 35/50#