Labour Day Monday, while other people were taking the day off, we had a great turn out to classes taking on the Burpee-Row AMRAP.  We’re getting better at figuring out how to squeeze people in while maintaining safe social distancing.  For this WOD some members biked or ran instead of using rowers so that everyone could play.  Great job to everyone who came in on the holiday to get it done!

Rounds Row Bike Run Ski/Other
2+ Auto, Claire Whisper   Victoria
3+ Sprite, Riot, Dauntless, Thorn, Molly Gunn, Alpha Dog, Smooth   Jedi  
4+ Fierce, Doc Disc, Lyndsay, Pepper, Big Cat, Iron Man, D’Knee, The Colonel, Mark, Radar, Ben, Shine Livewire Sydney  
5+ Shades, Lightning, Hard Rock, Master Dre, Gymkata. Spice   HHH, Smash, Crash  
6+ Magnum      
7+     Abby Still Waters

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday make up day because we have more CrossFit Games WODs coming your way this week starting Wednesday with 2019 Games separator the First Cut.

I was feeling pretty good about myself after retesting the Midline March but in CrossFit you’re never far from another serving of humble pie.

Games competitors were given 20 minutes to get through 4 rounds.  The 185lb squat snatch was a bit too close to my 1 rep max for that volume so I went for 165lbs instead.  It still took me 22 minutes to get through round 1.  I finished round 2 at the 57 minuet mark and had to time cap myself there to get ready to coach the next group class.  I believe Leon already wrote about the windshield and the bug but honestly, bug or not, I was thrilled just to get through 2 full rounds.

Not sure if it’s the shoes or me but I did find that I could not squat snatch with them on.  It was worth my time to take them off each round for the snatches.  Some of you may find that you also lift better in bare feet or flat shoes.

We will be substituting the legless climb with the arm-over-arm banded pulls from Fournier in order to avoid rope sharing.  We will be able to accommodate 9 people per class with appropriate distancing for this workout so most people on the wait list will make it in.

For classes with more than 9 people registered, we will have an outdoor option available with dumbbells so that everyone can play along.

1 dumbbell, barbell, band, plates & collars

Warm Up
1 min Air squats
1 min Banded Pull Aparts
1 min Full Body Rock
1 min Banded shoulder pass throughs
1 min Banded OHS
1 min Cross Crawl
1 min Alt DB Power Snatch & OHS
1 min Alt DB Squat Snatch

1 min Squat Snatch
1 min Alt. Banded arm-over-arm Pulls

4 Rounds:
400m Run
30 Alt. Banded arm-over-arm Pulls
7 Squat Snatch

Outdoor DB Version
4 Rounds:
400m Run
15/15 Bent Over DB Rows (L/R)
14 Alt. DB Squat Snatch

Cool Down:
Hands & Knees Rock
Scap Rock
Kickstand Rock
Downward Dog Rock
Pigeon Rock