As most of you know, the Deadlift is one of my favourite lifts and here are five reasons why.

  1. Very Functional

Regardless of who you are you will need to eventually pick something off the ground. Why not learn to do it correctly? This is not to say that you need to be able to lift a thousand pounds but by being able to lift more than we do in our everyday life, safely, can have a positive impact. We all know someone that has put out their back picking up something light from a golf ball, pair of pants, suit case etc. Learning proper deadlift mechanics can help save you from that fate.

  1. The weight is always under you

There is a talk about the deadlift being unsafe, but if we are set up properly we will stay safe.  If we ever get out of position with bumper plates on the bar we can simply just let go. Having the weight below you makes it more mental than a back squat. When you are not confident and motivated you will simply just not pick up the weight and as long as you focus on a strong set up you will stay safe.

  1. You can lift heavy

For many people in the gym the Deadlift will be their heaviest lift. Sometimes members are even excited to have multiple forty five pound plates on the bar. This is not just great for instagram but can also help you keep your back safe while lift everyday objects like kids, back packs, luggage. Also watching what you can safely lift increase is a fun thing to track.

  1. You look like a bad ass

This is pretty much linked to it being the heaviest lift for most of us. Also after watching Cobra Kai, aka Bruiser’s favourite show, I thought this deserved an honourable mention.

  1. How we start many other lifts

In order to do a clean, snatch, sumo deadlift high pull , etc we need to be able to pick things up from the floor properly.  So this comes back to the functionality piece and as you dive deeper into this lift you will realize it can be more technical than you think. A good deadlift will set you up for success in the other lifts we perform in the gym.

Next time you hear someone bad mouthing the deadlift point them to this post. Also remind them that all we are doing is learning how to pick things up correctly and safely from the floor.


Thursdays Wod


Warm up

3 rnds

3/3 RDLs

5 Bent over rows




Build to about 70% of 1 rm




3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (7×3)


Note: we will go on the 5 mins

For zoomers we will have a minute to get as many reps if we have a light weight


Cool Down

Couch stretch

Dragon pose

Hip cross overs



  • Leon