You know what joint gets beat up a lot in CrossFit?  Shoulders.

Last day of the CanWest Games featured 3 events that were shoulder-intensive.  Keeping your shoulders healthy, strong and functional is a huge advantage in such circumstances!  Last week we did the 2019 CrossFit Games finale: The Standard, another shoulder-crushing workout combining clean & jerks, muscle ups and snatches.

11am Saturday August 24th Physiotherapist Josh Bellingham, clinical director for West Coast SCI  will visit CrossFit Empower to deliver his workshop “How to identify and resolve common shoulder movement dysfunction“.

This one hour session will be a participatory workshop in which he will teach a technique and you will have the opportunity to test it.  It will include assessment of movement dysfunction and corrective exercises for the most common problems.

Space is limited, the fee to attend is $30.  Please contact [email protected] to reserve your spot.