For Sunday we have a fun twenty minute Amrap for you. It will consist of max body weight Floor press and max Height Seated legless rope climbs. Stations one through five will have a rope to climb and for station 6 plus we will find an alternative for the rope climb.

Now the rope climb is dealt with, what is your plan for the floor press? We don’t bench very much but have you ever thought of how to improve your bench press? Ironically right before doing this workout I read the article below and found the tips on set up very helpful. I hope you will too.

The bench and floor press will always start with driving your feet through the floor, then your butt, shoulders and the back of your head will push through the floor or bench. Make sure to keep you heels locked in place for the whole lift.


On this workout I challenged myself and went for a two hundred and twenty five Bench so I could be like those athletes at the NFL combine.  Unfortunately for me banging out twenty nine consecutive reps was not in the cards. But the reps I got felt strong and I may be turning a corner on my bench press.

For Sunday’s workout we have two movements for you to challenge yourself on, the floor press and legless rope climb. Will you use the tips from the article above to improve your floor pressing?


Warm up

2 rnds

1 min each

Shoulder pass throughs

Inch worm with push up

Side plank



Floor press

Rope Climbs



Max Floor Press at body weight

Max feet Seated Legless rope climb

Cool down

Shoulder pass throughs

Flag poll

Grip stretch