“I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.” –Wayne Dyer

Thought of the day

Worrying about the things out of your control probably eats up most of your day. I know for me in competition and in life I used to get so worried about the things I had no power in. Recently there has been a real effort to switch this thinking and really only worrying about the things where there is complete control or partial control. Your mindset and how you choose to look at things maybe the only thing you have control over in some situations.

Today I was at the passport office working on getting my passport renewal. Arriving right when it opened seemed like the right call. But even with the extra effort it still took two and a half hours to get through the line. Many people looked at their watches with frustration and made comments like we have been here for x amount of time. Instead of being super frustrated I put on some music, chatted with some people, and did everything I could to pass the time smoothly. I also am committed to an extra margarita or old fashioned for my next trip as a reward for my uncharacteristic patients.

Take away

In these situations and competitions it’s easy to get bothered by your lack of control. But at the end of the day who does that help? Will they magically allow you to cut the line, give you all your best competition movements in the workout, or change the rules for you? For this week make three lists: what you control, what you have partial control of, and what you have no control of. This will help you focus on what is important and what you have power around.  Next open announcement when something awful comes out of the hopper, or next time you are in a long passport line what will you focus on?




  1. Clean and Jerk



  1. Christine

3 rnds

500m row

12 Deadlift B.W

21 Box Jumps 20”


  1. 3-2-1 minute

Free standing Handstand shoulder taps

Legless rope Climbs


  1. CF open 20.2

20 minute AMRAP

4 DB Thrusters 35/50#

8 T2B

24 DU


  1. 3 rounds

200m KB Farmers carry 1/1.5 pood

15 KB Floor press 1/1.5 pood

10 Burpee over KB


  • Leon