Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to help us give Still Waters a proper send off.

Thanks to Shades who stayed late Friday night to help me set up the gym.  Thanks to HeeHee who arrived early Saturday morning to help me get the BBQ and potluck table ready.

Thanks to all the members who stuck around to assist us with the big post-WOD clean up.

And thanks to everyone who came out to do the WOD in Still Waters honour.

Legend WOD Still Waters:
2K Row
30 Squat Cleans @95/135#
1 Mile Run

For those of you who don’t know, Still Waters joined CrossFit Empower in May 2013 two months after we moved to Vancouver’s West Side.  She had come to UBC to begin her Masters in Economics.  She was 23.  Quiet but intense throughout her beginner’s classes, she passed her beginner’s test around 7:45am in the morning and upon graduating asked how soon the next class was.  It was 8am.  So Still Waters joined The Touch at 8am to do her first group class which happened to be a HeroWOD.

Fitting then that Still Waters and The Touch did Saturday’s event together in the same heat and posted between them the top two RX’d times.  The Touch won again, just like their first WOD together in 2013 but this times it was not by much as they were separated by only 32 seconds!

Since our expansion Still Waters has been frequently away in Ottawa working for the government and, when here, has been occupied with the completion of her PhD so newer Empower members may not realize how big a part of our coaching team Still Waters has been over the years.

As she heads off to her new career in Montreal with husband Beastor, we wish them both success and happiness and hope that Still Waters will continue in her pursuit of fitness so that one day when she visits us we may finally see her beat The Touch.