Happy April 1st.  I was really tempted to program the KFC WOD for all of you:


But Sprite came up with a better idea:

Use your CrossFit name to create your unique WOD.
Complete 20 of each movement used to spell your name.

A = Push Ups
C = KB Swings
D = Thrusters
E = Air Squats
G = Front Squats
H = Forward Lunges (20/side)
I = Reverse Lunges (20/side)
J = Overhead Lunges (20/side)
K = Front Rack Lunges (20/side)
L = Sit Ups
M = Hollow Rocks
N = TGU (20 total)
O = V-Ups
P = Shoulder Presses
Q = Squat Cleans
R = Push Press
S = Push Jerk
T = C&J
U = Snatch
V = Split Jerk (20 total)
W = Burpees
X = Plank Pull throughs (20/side)
Y = Plank K2E (20/side)
Z = Reverse Burpees

Use the same weight for all weighted movements

If your name is 2 letters long, do 5 rounds
If your name is 3 letters long, do 4 rounds
If your name is 4 letters long, do 3 rounds
If your name is 5 letters long, do 2 rounds
If your name is 6 letters or more you hit the jack pot, 1 round only!