TGIF! My favourite day to workout!  Start your weekend off right!

Athletics 45 

4pm 1.22.21

Warm Up:   6 mins on repeat

11 prisoner high knees

9 hindu squats

7 rocking push-ups

5 get ups


40 dumbbell bent over rows (20 per side)

40 shoulder tap planks

40 single dumbbell power cleans (20 per side)

40 plank jacks

40 single dumbbell push press (20 per side)

40 plank knee-ins to leg lift (20 per side)

40 single leg glute bridges  (20 per side)

AB Out:  50 flutter kicks and 50 scissor kicks, 50 bird dogs

Stretch: Down Dog to dragon, pigeon, shoulder pull-overs, thread the needle, child’s pose, prone breathing and congratulate self for getting it done!

WOD Notes:  For gym and home select weighted object which allows sets of 10 unbroken reps.  Goal is steady movement. Think slow is strong and focus on execution of each rep.  Get a solid pause and squeeze at top of glute bridge before lowering.