Wise words from the Dalai Lama about the day in front.  To Friday!

4pm Athletics WOD 2.26.21

Warm-Up: 50 calf climbers, 10 full body rocks, 10 cross-crawl squats then work through medicine ball progression (3 mins/will demo in gym)



1,000 meter run

5 rounds of:
15 push-ups
20 med-ball cleans
21 burpees

Out with:

1,000 meter run

WOD Modifications:.

1000 m run into:

20 min amrap of:

15 push-ups

20 med ball cleans

21 burpees

Out with 1000 m run


5 mins walk/run

3-5 rounds of:

10 elevated push-ups

10 med-ball cleans

10 elevated burpees

5 min walk/run

WOD Notes:  Grinder to be started quickly. Use first run as additional warm-up.  Select medicine ball weight that allows you to complete reps in 1-2 sets. Home Gym: replace medicine ball cleans with an odd object squat clean, or complete air reps or jump squats.  Push-ups = hit chest to floor, maintain plank position, modify to knees or elevated if best for a wod flow of steady movement with short breaks.  Sub row or bike of equal distance for run.

Notice flat back in med ball being cleaned below.  That is the position we want with each rep.  Take a second to make sure you are set up properly.  Good practice for other lifts!