Ever had your fitness goals derailed by the weekend? You make positive gains Monday through Thursday, working out regularly, eating well, getting things done but come Friday, enough already and the brakes come off. You stay up later, eat and drink more, exercise less and, come Monday, groggily vow to start fresh. How do you break this pattern?  Step one: make it a rule to exercise on Friday and hit the weekend strong.  Adopt the TGIF (The Grind Includes Friday) mindset.  Make it your mission to workout out on Friday and get ahead, not behind!

Friday Fit Tips:

Change your mindset about what a weekend represents.

See the weekend as a time to rest and recharge and set yourself up for further success the following week.  View it as time for you, not a chance to rebel or “cheat” on your diet and exercise plan with a “It’s Friday after all….” mindset. I have had to accept that getting where I want to be health wise is about consistent lifestyle choices that support, not hinder, my goals.  No quick fixes.  A nutrition and exercise plan that is only maintainable a few days a week does not work in the long run.  A weekend blow out can set you back a week or more.  Is it worth it?  This is a mindset shift that I still battle at times.  In my youth Friday night was a time to let loose and that way of being still remains somewhat ingrained and needs to be battled away.  I still wish for treats on the weekend more than other days of the week.  Scheduling a tough workout for a Saturday or Sunday morning is a great way to stay on track and maintain your fitness over the weekend.  You want to hit it the workout fresh so are more apt to make good choices throughout the weekend, especially the night before. Weekend gym dates. Never break them.

Stick to your usual sleep schedule.

Are you someone who has a firm bedtime during the week only to stay up late and sleep in on the weekends? Changing your sleep patterns places stress on your body.  Meals can get eaten later or skipped due to sleeping in. A tired body craves carbs and sugar and making healthy choices becomes more challenging.  Prioritize your rest and leave the carousing to the coyotes. Your mood and waistline will thank you.

Extend your workout and take it outside.

Break out! Weekends are a great time to squeeze in a longer workout inside the gym and out. Use the weekend to go for a longer run, add in a hike, a walk on the beach, or a bike ride. Many of us work indoors during the day and the weekend is a great time to get out into the air and connect with nature – especially important on shorter winter days. Commit to grabbing as much outside time as you can and reap the benefits.


Friday August 21, 2020

Cardio and Core

2 Rounds for time:

1-mile run

100 ab mat sit-ups 

*Same WOD for 4pm Athletics class

WOD Stimulus and Notes:  

Stamina and endurance builder.  Somewhat of a grinder.  Look to maintain a hard-working aka uncomfortable pace throughout this workout.  Push yourself but don’t die.  Aim for no breaks in movement. Shorten run distance and sit-up reps if long breaks required.  Set a WOD goal to stick to i.e. a mile pace to hold, nasal breathing throughout (WF’s accomplished choice), unbroken sit-ups or manageable sets i.e. 4 sets of 25.

Challenge yourself to maintain good form on the ab mat sit-up.  It is easy to get sloppy if tired. Don’t.  Keep your tailbone glued to the floor. Anchoring this part of body to the floor will help you use more abs and prevents rashes caused by too much friction. Use arms for momentum, but not at expense of the tailbone losing contact with the floor. Keep your chest up and ensure your rep finishes with your shoulder in front of your hips.

Warm Up:

:90 min full body rock to prayer squat

:90 hip openers

:90 min speed skaters

:90 min down dog calf climbers with knee in on 10

:90 min jumping jacks

:90 min x-cross

:90 min marching

200 meter jog – easy out/faster back

WOD Modifications


Equal distance row/erg/air bike.  8 mins running in place.  75 burpees


Reduce reps

3 minutes plank.

Combo of plank and sit-ups i.e: 40 situps + 60 sec plank.

Leg lifts/dead bugs/bird dogs.

Cool Down:

Optional: 50 solid push-ups

: 60 rock to child’s pose

: 30 each side dragon/pigeon/lying hamstring

:60 couch stretch per side

:60 sec ab mat angel with restorative breathing

Let’s get to it and go forth into the weekend. To a good one.