Sunday WOD

Today’s workout is Event 1 in the Online Semifinals. There’s nothing friendly about Friendly Fran. This workout is not about the thrusters but about the chest-to-bar pull-ups. Make sure to not overgrip your barbell on the thrusters to save your grip for the chest-to-bar pull-ups.

3 rounds for time of:

21 thrusters

21 chest-to-bar pull-ups

RX: 85#/115#

Friendly Fran Tips:

Here are some tips from CrossFit Seminar Staff member Spencer Hendel for performing this workout.

For intermediate athletes aim to complete this workout in 8-10 minutes. Manage your reps, rest minimally, and get back and start right away. Some rep schemes you can follow are: 7/7/7 and 10/6/5.

For beginner athletes aim to complete this workout in under 12 minutes. Scale the load by using a PVC pipe, empty barbell, single DB, 2 light dumbbells coupled with a pulling movement. For pull-ups – do whatever is challenging, banded pull-up, ring rows, or any of your pull-up progression.

General Warm-up

30 seconds each of:

knuckle drags (

Active spidermans (

Active Samson lunges (

Air squats

Judo push ups

Movement Prep

10 scap pull-ups

5 kip swings

1-3 strict pull-ups

1 Chest-to-bar pull-up

3 pausing front squats, empty barbell

3 push press, empty barbell

3 thrusters, empty barbell

Build to workout weight







30 seconds of:

couch stretch (L/R)

pigeon pose (L/R)

child’s pose

downward dog

Banded shoulder stretches:

lat stretch

elbow in-band stretch