At Toastmasters we would always talk about starting with the end in mind. This Idea in a speech will have you think what do I want the audience to get, and what should they be left thinking about after? Now let’s talk about how you can apply this idea to your day to day training.

Over the weekend, during the online CrossFit games, they had a few interviews with the new CrossFit CEO Eric Roza, he had some good thoughts about scaling. For him he has done all of the games workouts modified so he can have the same stimulus as the games athletes on these workouts. So in his case he has the end time in mind as well as what battles he wants to have within the workout. An example of this is on Nasty Nancy he wanted a weight that would be hard but he could fight for unbroken overhead squats.

We should be thinking about this whether we are doing it rx’d or if we are modifying your friendly Fran. Do we want to try and go unbroken on thrusters, have two sets or just shout to be under the 15 min time cap? In most of my recent blog posts, I have talked about a gold, silver, and bronze medal plan and for today I don’t want the only goal to be a time but also how will you challenge your capacity within this workout? What will help you get the most out of the training day?

For me on this new version of Fran I wanted to try and go unbroken on the thrusters in the first round and finish the whole workout in less than twelve minutes.  The first battle was won, I did the first twenty one thrusters at one hundred and fifteen pounds unbroken but I quickly realized that was a mistake. Those twenty one were right on the edge of my capacity for the day and I had to hold on for dear life for the rest of the workout and I ended up finishing the workout just outside of my goal at 13:13. I may not have hit the time but had the opportunity to get to know myself and stretch my ability a little bit.

If you don’t know what the end should look like for you or what your goal could be please talk to me on Tuesday and we will make a plan for you on this workout. Starting with the end in mind is not just valuable in public speaking but can also make a positive impact in your day to day training and helping you reach your goals and new heights.


Friendly Fran

Warm up

3 rnds

10 ring rows or bent over rows

5 dumbbell squat and press



Squat clean



Friendly Fran

3 rnds

21 thrusters 85/115#

21 C2B

15 min time cap

H:50 cool down

Shoulder circles

Trunk rotations

Coach stretch

Pull overs