Longtime Empower Members Doc Disc and Shine have two adorable dogs, Freyja and Toby.  Freyja, the younger pup is our friendly, February champion of the month.  She and her brother Toby are bestowed with super soft fluffy coats, which can shed.  Doc Disc and Shine deal with their fluff trail by bringing a vacuum along when their pups come to the gym!  It is safe to say, that Freyja and Toby are gym mainstays, who like to stick to close their owner’s sides when they work out.   Freyja has amazing eyes and a keen sense of direction, as her story below shows.
How and why did you get your dog?
We got Freyja a year ago to help keep Toby company.
What role does your dog play in your health and fitness?
We walk the dogs in the forest across from our house almost every day, so that gets us out of the house and walking. Freyja also loves to come to Empower.
What does your dog love to do?
Mostly give her big brother Toby a hard time. She also really loves Empower!
Any other dog tales?
Recently she got lost in the forest and ended up taking herself home. It was scary because she must have crossed 16th Ave on her own, but she then came straight to our house and sat at the front door and waited to be let in.
Congratulations Freyja!