Empower Cooking Club
Great turn out to Tuesday’s cooking club where DK taught us to make a delightful salad accompanied by delicious salmon patties.  A very macro-friendly and healthy, low carb dinner that my family gobbled up with gusto!  Next week Pepper will be hosting us in her kitchen.  Register early and we’ll email you the ingredients list in advance.  Interested in hosting?  We’re looking for new cooking club hosts for upcoming weeks.

Master Dray
DT Winnipeg
Riot Cape Town
Sprite Vancouver
Motor Simcoe
Road Warrior Hong Kong
HHH Ankara
Auto Richmond
G-Money Manchester
Yeti Nottingham
Dauntless Cape Breton
Rowdy Stratford
Smash Toronto
FeProf North York
Whisper Ann Arbor
Dr. T Mossel Bay
Boomer Edmonton
Venom Manila
JR Prince George
Rocky Atlanta
Point Break Los Alamos
Crusher Bristol
Shine Ottawa
Doc Disc
WOD Father
Hard Rock
Iron Dam

City of Origin
Today we asked members about their city of birth.  Can you match the Empower members with their birth city?

Mufasa Mountaineer
Oh that daredevil Mufasa, up to his reckless outdoor fitness challenges again!  Will he survive the lock down?

Pajama Party
This Saturday 5pm wear your best PJs and come have drinks with coach.

Thursday ZWOD
Warm up
2 rnds
1 min shoulder pass throughs
1 min OS scapula rocks
1 min handstand
1 min full body rock

Burpee overs

5 rnds
2 mins on / 2min Off
15 burpee overs

Cool down
Crazy ninja fingers
Trunk rotations
Post squat
Dragon pose
Pigeon pose
Child pose