Today’s challenge will be front squats and rope climbs. You will descend in reps from ten to one on the front squat and each round has one rope climb. For those without ropes do not worry, you can do three pull ups instead.  At first glance I thought why would it not just be ten to one rope climbs too? But after doing it, I think the one rope climb each round is cleaver because it never takes too much time to get back to the front squats.

Are you going to use a squat rack or clean the bar? Before with only having a few options of squat racks we would always clean it. With the new rig configuration each station will have an option for a rack. So will you add in a clean or just take it from a rack? There is not a right or wrong choice here. What will be better for your training day?

We look forward to seeing you for another great workout. See you all on zoom and in the open gym.




QOD:  Do prefer to read or watch something before bed?

Warm up

3 rounds (1 minute each)

Goblet squats


Lat pull ups, Bent over rows, false grip ring rows


Front Squats

Rope Climbs



Front Squats 95/135

1 rope climb or 3 strict pull ups

Cool down

Shoulder pass throughs

Grip stretch

Couch stretch

Hip cross overs

  • Leon