Time for our 2nd Crossfit Empower Games Day this Saturday!

Games Day August 1st Saturday 2pm at Camosun park, also known as the Queen Elizabeth park and track.

Yes this weekend may be a “holiday” long weekend however come out and join the fun, the chosen game this week is, Soccer, a fun foot game suitable for all ages big and small.  The group will be divided into two teams. I know Corey is already gearing up for his victory lap.

The traditional rules of Soccer will apply; two equal opposing teams, each team’s priority is to protect their goal and will be responsible for figuring out positions themselves, your objective is to score the ball in the opponent’s goal. However this Saturday’s game of Soccer will contain a couple small catches, most importantly NO goalies are allowed, and your team’s defenders will need to be ready for action. We want to give everyone the opportunity to run, pass, play and get physical. I will be the referee; however I will not be stopping the game to call out penalties for the sake of the games fluidity.    Halfway through our remaining game play time the two teams must switch defending sides. Whoever scores more goals will win the imaginary championship cup that waits at 3pm.

We will start the hour off with a small general warm up and some light Soccer ball drills. Next we will review the minimal technique and movement standards for the AMRAP surprise I have organized that will include every one of all levels.

The cost for a fun packed hour of games and play is only $10 per family unit, no equipment necessary; just bring the energy and smiles.

Warning: it may be hot and sunny out so please dress appropriately and include some sunscreen.

See everyone at 2pm at the Camosun Park on 16th  we will be playing on the grass in the center of the track.

Register through either Zen Planner or contact me at [email protected]  with any questions or concerns

Saturday WOD
We have busy weekend classes, COVID attendance restrictions and limited GHD developers and squat racks with no sharing allowed.  This means you won’t likely be RXing Saturday’s WOD.  V-Ups will be the GHD Sit Up substitute, front squats or back squats will be allowed for members who have not access to squat racks.

Equipment: Barbell or Substitute

Warm Up
4 Rounds:
20 seconds Bottom-to-bottom back squats
10 second rest
4 Rounds:
20 seconds Cross-crawl bird dog
10 sec rest

GHD Sit Up sub: V-Up
Back Squat or Front Squat

21 Back Squats/Front Squats
42 GHD Sit Ups/V-Ups
15 Back Squats/Front Squats
30 GHD Sit Ups/V-Ups
9 Back Squats/Front Squats
18 GHD Sit Ups/V-Ups

Finisher: 400m DB Farmer’s Carry 35/50#

Cool Down
Hip Crossovers
Downward Dog
Cobra Pose