Actions => Results
Results don’t lie.  You either achieve them or you don’t. 

Results are achieved through taking actions consistent with your goals.  Whatever you want to accomplish in your life, there is no other formula.

Problem is most of us take actions consistent with our goals some of the time when we feel motivated and then we stop or get distracted, lose motivation, get busy.  It happens to us all.  All the work we put in to achieving our goal goes to waste and we get no closer to our goal.  Then we develop the sense that the goal is out of reach.  Or we waste useless energy feeling guilty for sabotaging our goals.

Stops & Starts
A coach of mine used driving as a great analogy for this:  When you press the gas pedal, the car moves forward, when you take your foot off the gas the car loses momentum and stops moving forward.  The car doesn’t care one way or another.  There is no right and no wrong.  If you want to move forward press that gas pedal.  That’s all there is to it.  If your foot is not on the gas you will remain where you are.

You know who has their foot on the gas because they are moving forward.  You also can tell who has stalled.

Goals are difficult.  Getting your first pull up, getting stronger, getting leaner, adding muscle.  They all take time and sometimes the improvements are incremental.  For me the successful mindset change was in making the action my goal.  CrossFit is the vehicle that will get me to my destination.  Stronger, fitter, faster, better, the programming works so all I need to do is make sure I get it done.  Keep my foot on the gas: Do the WOD, that’s my goal.  The rest will take care of itself in time.    Simple.

Simple But Not Easy!
It never gets easy.  Things come up.  Life gets in the way.  Work things, school things, family things, illness, injury, you name it.  But I have learned that it is not the size of the obstacle that matters so much as the size of your commitment.  Have you ever noticed how some people get their WODs done no matter how difficult or inconvenient while others seem to get derailed by the most minor speed bumps?

Can you guess which of these people are getting results?

At CrossFit Vancouver a member who had booked for the 7am class woke to find his car missing.  A good excuse to miss his WOD don’t you think?  Well, he didn’t.  He called a cab and made it to class on time because he was determined to fulfill his goal which was attending the 7am class.  Do you think he achieved results?  You bet he did!

It Only Counts When Its Hard
Keeping commitments when its convenient is no big deal, everyone does that.  Keeping commitments when it is inconvenient is when the transformation occurs.  That is the moment that you take control of your life.  That is the moment you realize how powerful and unstoppable you are!

As Randy Pausch says in his Last Lecture: “Brick Walls are there to test how much you want something.”

Because those of us who want something badly enough WILL NOT be stopped by brick walls.

A good mental exercise I used to use was to write down all the reasons why I couldn’t/shouldn’t work out.  Then I would go and work out.  Take that reasons!  You are not the boss of me!

What Are Your Goals?
And what are the actions you are going to take?  What excuses are you willing to let get in the way of your goals?  Who are you going to become?

Are you planning to remain parked or are you driving toward your goals.  They’re not so far away as you might think.  Just up Dunbar Street at 17th.  See you there:)