No barbell?  No problem!

Barbells are ergonomically designed to maximize the loads you can lift but real world objects are far less forgiving and even at lower weights can prove much more demanding!

I had fun getting creative with this thruster-push press-push jerk-split jerk combo.  In fact I think it was more fun trying to put this combo together with odd objects: Beer Keg, dumbbells, axle bar, chains, kettlebells and plates hung from pull up bands, each presented a unique challenge and required me to adapt each movement in subtly different ways.

And since there was no rack I also had to figure out how to clean each of those objects safely from the floor.

Yes, earthquake bars are a real thing.  My coach used to improvise them and made us practice with them sometimes.  Still Waters improvises her own using text book-filled shopping bags hung from a hockey stick for a barbell, even at submaximal loads it demands a great deal of core and shoulder stabilizer strength and activation.  Be creative with this one and challenge yourself to adapt the movements to the demands of the load you are moving.  I’m curious to see what you lift and how you lift it.  And of course, be careful!

Saturday WOD

Equipment: barbell or barbell substitutes, PVC pipe or belt or broomstick (or rake)

Warm Up
1 min Hands & Knees Crawl
1 min Cross Touch Bird Dog
1 min Leopard Crawl
1 min Shoulder Pass Throughs
1 min Alt Overhead Lunges
1 min Thrusters

Push Press
Push Jerk
Split Jerk

Thruster-Push Press-Push Jerk-Split Jerk Combo

Cool Down
Scap Rock
Scap Rotations
Scap Retractions
Dorsi Rock