“Success becomes a matter of momentum. Once you get a little, it’s easy to keep it going.” –Ryan Holiday

Thought of the day

This is the time of year that everyone gears up to get momentum going in the right direction. This can take shape in many ways. Getting on track with fitness, wealth, and health are usually the first things people want to gain momentum on. Work on creating a system and an environment that will allow you to be successful. Sometimes it’s the environment that will make creating a new habit more difficult or make it easier.

For anything that you want to take on in 2024, try to make it as easy and pair with a habit you already have going. For you this can be booking your workout times at the beginning of the week and adding them to your calendar. Keeping you out of the zen planner app to many times. Or it could be coming early to class to start with the champion warm up. It could even be as you reach for that after work beer or wine having a glass of water first.

Getting to your goals starts with little steps and one percent improvements it is not about taking one giant leap. To get momentum on your side make the steps small and easy. Or consider pairing them with a habit you already have mastered.

Make up day

Tuesday will be a make up day. You will get to take on a workout you missed, challenge a skill, or try one of the additional options. Because January is all about the overhead squat our strength cycle this month will have you working on them. Today’s strength will be a five by five overhead squat or shoulder press. Ideally your set will be done at seventy percent of your one rep max. But it will come down to the weight you can do with solid technique and what will help you improve on the movement.

We are excited to welcome you into the gym for another make up day. Let’s continue to get momentum working for us not against us.



1.800m run


10 rnds

5 HPC 95/135#

30 DU


800m run


  1. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3

Cal Row

DB Thrusters 35/50#


  1. 10 minute amrap

Max Burpee box jump overs 20/24”


  1. OHS



  1. Shoulder press



  1. 3 rnds

20 TGU 25/35#

400m Run


  • Leon