Saturday the gym will be closed in order for us to reorganize the pull up rig.  Sandman swears it will improve gym access so we’re putting all the blame on him!

The new set up should give us better separation plus more pull up stations, more lifting stations, more wall ball targets, another rope climb station and one more high ring setup for muscle ups.  We will sacrifice some floor space down the centre of the gym but it will hopefully be worthwhile.

Of course there is going to be a learning curve as we learn how best to navigate the new layout and where best to store equipment to maximize access and functionality.  But we’ve already had a lot of reorganizing practice this year, haven’t we?  2020 has given us lots of practice at being adaptable. 
Sprite will be leading a Zoom WOD Saturday at 10am from the gym, shouting to be heard over the workmen.  If you watch over her shoulder you may be able to catch a sneak peek of the new layout as we reconfigure the space behind her.

Saturday’s WOD will be a really solid workout that is easily done from home with only 1 kettlebell or dumbbell or backpack required. 

Friday WOD
The Hang Squat Clean takes away your first pull and challenges you to be faster getting under the bar.  Today is all about how quickly you can drop into a squat and land with stability.  If this is something you’re challenged by then we have some work to do mastering the squat if you want to advance your skills.  Mobility = flexibility + stability.  A lot of folks who think they are lacking in the former are actually deficient in the latter and we’ll be testing that with our Zoom classes.  You may be surprised.
If you have knee or hip issues, please substitute a hang power clean instead of the squat.  If you’re not sure, ask your coach.

Equipment: barbell or dumbbells or kettlebells or broomstick

Warm Up
1 min Post Squat Hold
1 min rest
1 min Unsupported Squat Hold
1 min rest
1 min Air squats Slow
1 mini rest
1 min Air Squats Fast
1 min rest
1 min Squat Jumps
1 min rest
1 min Drop squats

Hang Squat Clean x5

Hang Squat Clean

Cool Down
Forearm Stretch
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Quad Stretch