Today is mostly about those thrusters and your double unders. If you have good doubles then it is no problem but if not today is a great day for you to challenge and develop this skill. In the tech session we will talk about the best way to challenge yourself on this workout and what the best thing to focus on for you will be as you go through it.

The challenge for me was not the double unders but the thrusters. For years now I have been working on my shoulder mobility. It has come a long way but keeping light weights on my shoulders is still a challenge.  What I normally do is up the weight, so this is not an issue, but for this one I decided to focus on keeping the light bar on my shoulders. So In the first and second rounds I did smaller set with some mobility between them and sure enough by the last two rounds my posture and bar placement were on point.

It felt good to be able to feel and see the changes between the first and second half of the workout. Now, I have hope that one day a pvc pipe will be able to rest on my shoulders.

Sometimes we need to slow down to go faster or in my case go lighter so in the future we can go heavier. Look at the workout below, what opportunities are there for you to challenge yourself? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for another action packed workout.


QOD:  Best way to finish a day?

Warm up

3 rnds 1 minute each


Full body rocks


GHD/VSit ups


DU (Penguin claps if you don’t have a rope)


4 rounds

15 GHD sit ups

30 Thrusters 45/65

45 DU

Cool down

Calf drops

Trunk rotations

Shoulder pass through