June 24 2015

It has been a tough week for me and not getting any easier.  4:30am mosquitoes were swarming in the warm Vancouver morning as I made my way up Dunbar.  Usually it is too cool this early for them.  Bottoms of my feet pretty bruised up from yesterday’s trail running.  Thanks gravel.  But as I walked my left foot felt quite a bit worse.  In fact, the further I walked the worse it felt.

By the time I was a few blocks from work I was struggling.  Not just bruising.  Did I fracture my foot or sprain it when I tripped on that tree root yesterday?

A painful morning as I hobbled about the gym teaching group classes.

The Touch came in to join me on the big CrossFit Chipper WOD.  Love to have company.  Foot hurting so will have to channel some Sam Briggs and grit it out.  Looking at the WOD it is the random number scheme that looks like the toughest part.

25 Walking Lunges
20 Pull Ups
50 Box Jumps @20″
20 Double Unders
25 Ring Dips
20 K2E
30 KB Swings @2 Pood
30 Sit Ups
20 DB Hang Squat Cleans @35#
25 Back Extensions
30 Wall Balls @20#
3 Rope Climbs @15ft

I spent most of the warm up gearing up, soccer socks, shoes, cycling sleeves, athletic tape, strength wraps.  The Touch spent the warm up eating watermelon.

3, 2, 1 Go.  Even on my gimpy foot my lunges were faster and I was through the pull ups in one short set.  But the 50 box jumps: ouch.  The Touch easily pulled ahead and I was really second guessing my decision to do this.  Double Unders were better and I gained some ground completing the ring dips quickly grateful to get off my foot for a moment.

But The Touch stayed just ahead of me really pulling ahead when he finished the wall balls in one set.  He finished at 19:40.  The rope climb was nearly as bad as the box jumps for me and I had to take care on the descent.  Finished at 23:57 which seemed like a decent time to me.  Not a stand out performance but certainly an improvement over my past 3 WODs.

Very productive afternoon but a throbbing headache.  Got a brief break then a visit from Caution on crutches to make me feel a little less bad about my wounded foot.  I did take Hard Rock’s suggestion and check the Ottawa Protocol.  If I read it correctly I have a mild sprain not a break and DO NOT need X-Rays.

Peril gave me a lift home after the evening classes.  I was so out of it I forgot Sunghee & Kaelin were at cadets.  Ate and got ready for bed.  So weary.