6pm Monday December 23rd, while Shades coached Athletics I slipped out to deliver Christmas cards to neighbouring businesses we’ve been friendly with through the years.  And though 6pm is prime time for fitness, dance and physio studios, all except ours were closed, lights off, shutters drawn as if departed for the holidays.

It stood in stark contrast to Empower where 46 of our 90 members showed up to face CrossFit benchmark WOD Karen.  That’s right, despite vacations and the holiday season more than half our membership was in yesterday to workout.

23 people (more than half) RX’d the workout including Yeti, Boomer, Samdman, HeeHee, Dr. T, Crusher, Shades, Mufasa, Silk, Smash, Motor, HHH, Smokey, Menace, Fierce, FeProf, DT, Hard Rock, Rowdy, Brick The Truth, The Heat & Magnum!

13 members (more than a quarter) scored a personal best including Riot, Dr. T, Sprite, Crusher, Motor, FeProf, DT, HHH, Peril, Yeti, Dauntless and Rowdy and Hard Rock who put up the top men and women’s times of the day.

This morning was much the same as 17 members were in to tackle the 5 round monster WOD at 5am and 6am and the noon class was full with 3 couples, 1 team of siblings, 1 father-son team plus Sprite & The Heat, a real family holiday workout!

While everyone else in the city seems to be taking a break for the season, our Empower team is using the holidays to break records!  As a coach, I delight to see our members stealing a march on their fitness goals as they prepare themselves to enter the new year fitter than they were in the old.  And that’s a real holiday gift!

We will be open Christmas morning, hope to see you there:)