June 23 2015

Slept in until 6am then rose and got work done.

After breakfast got my vibrams & running shorts on and walked Kaelin to school.  Then I started my 10K Run.  This set of 3 CrossFit WODs has been so tough that even though running – and distance running in particular – is one of my worst skills, it is the only WOD in the set that I can complete RX’d.

Trying a new route the start was easy all downhill until Marine Drive then I cut into the trails of Pacific Spirit Park following Marine Drive.  The shade was welcome protection from the hot Vancouver sun.  And the trails are lovely making running actually quite pleasant despite the odd piece of sharp gravel that left the bottoms of both my feet deeply and sorely bruised.

Also the twisting trails gave me the illusion of speed as if I were a moccasin-clad Daniel Day Lewis running through the forest to rescue my lady love.  And then there was a tree root.  It could have shattered my toe but it was the ball of my left foot that collided with the root instead causing an immediate face plant on the trail.

Picked myself up.  The collision tore the bottom right out of my beat up old Vibrams but otherwise everything seemed OK so on I went.  Remember this for tomorrow’s blog – it seemed OK.

Ran up to the loop in front of the Triumf building which marked 5K then began the return trip.  I was watching for that root but scuffling sounds in the bushes nearby caused me to raise my head and trip on the root again.  I caught myself this time merely stumbling then carrying on.  It felt almost like someone had deliberately tried to distract me at that point in the run.

The run felt faster than it was, without much open ground I couldn’t really open up my stride much and I think I was so distracted by the lovely scenery that I forgot to suffer until I reached 41st and began the long steep climb up toward Carnarvon.  I hadn’t noticed it earlier but coming out of the forest to the road the exhaust fumes were nauseating.  An uphill finish was a bad idea.  Finished at 60:31 much slower than my usual.  It has been a tough set of 3 but on the bright side, this time my bicep did not cramp up.

Plodded home.  After a meal & a shower I drove out to do errands.  Went to our clothing supplier to assess quality of products and remove from our store all cheap garments.  I am now happy with our online store clothing selection.

Stopped by MEC to replace my now busted Vibrams.  Then by Neptoon Records for Kaelin’s grad gift – his first CD.

A lot of work waiting for me when I returned home.  Worked until it was time to get Kaelin.  Bottom’s of my feet tender as I walked to pick him up.  Stopped by IGA on the way home.  We had a short respite before dressing up to attend Kaelin’s grad.  Somehow we ended up sitting directly in front of the loudmouth family who kept shrieking every time a picture of their grad was shown.  And I mean eardrum damaging shrieking.  Meanwhile the father talked throughout speeches – even the good ones (except his daughter’s of course) – and insulted his seat neighbours with mean comments.

If I could have politely, with self-restraint said something I would have spoken up but I did not feel I had the self control to resist throttling him so I suffered through.  When Kaelin got his diploma I wanted to shout “Only 7-months?  Those other took 7-years to graduate!” but figured that would be bad form.

There was a grad dance after so Sunghee & I returned home and watched part of a Netflix movie before picking Kaelin up at 9pm.  I am proud of him and how well he has adapted to the school experience.  He is not thrilled to have a summer vacation.

Back home I gave him his CD and explained the fine tradition of teens and music knowing full well that in the internet age CD’s are as outdated as vinyl.  Nevertheless it felt right to me that he have at least one actual album in his music collection.  Though I’m sure he thought me silly, Kaelin had the good grace to put the album on and listen to it a bit before bed.  Bless that kid!

I went to sleep happy.