crossfit gift vancouver
You do not have to be Christian in order to enjoy Christmas time.  Whether religious or not you can appreciate how this time of year brings out the best in people.  Caught up in the stresses of our daily lives we often get caught up in ourselves but Christmas gives us an opportunity to think about others.

I didn’t plan to be out and about Christmas Eve rushing around Vancouver on last minute errands but I was.  The traffic was terrible, the stores were crowded and everyone was wonderful.  Cars paused for pedestrians or to let other cars in, over-worked cashiers smiled and said Merry Christmas and meant it, folks bumping into me in the aisles smiled and apologized.  It made me grateful to be out and about.

And I am grateful to all our CrossFit Empower community!  Thank you for your kind and generous gifts, your thoughtful cards and your warm wishes for Christmas.  But the greatest gift for me is this: the opportunity day-to-day to do what I love sharing CrossFit with wonderful people like you!  Everyday you walk through our doors on Dunbar Street you give the greatest gift with the energy you bring.  No presents needed, no cards required, everyday feels like Christmas to me.

It is my hope that you feel my gratitude in every word and every action!

Merry Christmas!