Well, week 2 of the Open is now wrapped.  20.2 was a repeat from 2017.  A great and soul destroying WOD.  There was triumph and heartbreak aplenty as some triumphed and others fell short.  And there were aching muscles for all.

My body still hates me and I am deeply grateful that this year the Open is only 3 weeks long.  I’m not sure how we ever survived 5 weeks of this.  Here’s our athlete scores so far:

Athlete 21.1 21.2
Men 60-64
Mr. Fantastic 117 198
Women 50-54
Motor 49 18:36s
Shades 223s 18:41s
Hawkeye 297s 155s
HeeHee 115 125
Shine 47 120
Men 50-54
Venom 59 167
Iron Man 47 111
Dr. T 166
Smash 213 190
Women 45-49
Pepper 112 99
Jedi 210EF 19:00EF
Silk 216 169
DT 391s 223s
Dauntless 217s 154s
Hard Rock 320 18:35
Men 45-49
Sandman 374 19:56
WOD Father 322 204
Women 35-39
Fierce 297 210
Men 35-39
Menace 212 178
Lightning 375s 155
Women Open
Shorty 383s 17:36s
Gymkata 376EF 14:26EF
Sprite 223s 155
Men Open
Rocket 177 185s
Sydney 117EF 223EF
Boys 14-15
Multi Sport 201EF —-

As we all await the announcement of some combo of thrusters and pull ups I find myself in a week 3 grudge match against two challenging adversaries.  I didn’t come into this Open with any competitive aspirations.  Just content to participate I didn’t call out Sprite or Sandman as in previous years.  But unfortunately in week one I made the mistake of finishing a few modest reps ahead of Empower gym alphas Hard Rock and Fierce and apparently in doing so I painted a target on my back.  In week two they both made a point of crushing my score in order to put me back in my place.  Of course, that will not be enough for them, as they will need a win in week 3 to satisfy their appetite for dominance so I guess ladies, this is game on.  I’m creating my victory soundtrack right now.  Shall we add stakes to this one to make it official?   

Wednesday Make Up Day

1) 3 rnds
200m Run
20 K2E
200m Run
20 Db Thrusters 25/40#

2) Shoulder Press

3) 2K Row
100 Wall Balls @14/20#
20 MU

4) OS Reset #5
1 min Belly Breathe In Any Position
30 sec Head Nods In Any Position

30 sec Head Rotations In Any Position 

1 min Upper-Body Full Rolls And Half Rolls
1 min Lower-Body Full Rolls And Half Rolls

7 mins
20x Dead Bugs
10x Windshield Wipers      

7 mins
10x Rock On Hands And Knees
20x Bird Dogs 

4 Rounds
1 min Forward/Backward Hands And Knees Crawl
30 sec Forward/Backward Leopard Crawl