As you have probably already heard the Vancouver Coastal Health authority has ordered a mandatory 2 week shut down of all indoor fitness facilities effective Saturday November 7th at 10pm.  Unfortunately, that means us.  2 weeks doesn’t sound so bad but based on what we’re seeing in other regions I expect 1 to 2 months is more realistic so I want us to prepare for the worst and hope that we are wrong.

This of course is the news we least wanted to hear but believe it or not, there are some bright spots:

1) We are fully Zoom enabled so classes will run uninterrupted on their regular schedule as long as you keep signing up for them.

2) We know how to manage the equipment lending library.  Many of you have wisely armed yourselves already but for the rest we will start lending equipment immediately.

3) Our rig expansion has arrived so we can do our gym renovations over the next couple weeks without interrupting group classes.  When you return we will have a whole new layout that will hopefully allow better access to pull up bars and racks.

4) We’re now expert in adapting WODs for little to no equipment.

Here is what you need to know:

Zoom WODs
– Please register so that we know a coach is needed at the designated time.
– All WODs starting Sunday November 8th will be Zoom-only until restrictions are lifted.
– Please check the blog the night before for video demos and explanations of equipment required or how to improvise without equipment so that the Zoom class can flow more smoothly.
– Please arrive a couple minutes early so that you are not interrupting the class already in progress, it may take your computer a few minutes to connect to Zoom so start it 5 minutes early.  Late burpees may be assessed as needed.

Lending Library
– Open gym times will be converted to lending library times.
– Please email the coach in advance so that we can have your equipment ready for you to pick up at the door.  – Only one member pick up at a time, if someone else is getting their gear, please wait until they are away from the entrance before coming for yours.
– Please arrive on the hour, if you are not here to pick up your equipment at the top of the hour we will not hold the equipment for you.
– Please be considerate.  Last time a few members ended up with A LOT of equipment while others had little or nothing.  Take what you absolutely need and leave the rest for others.

Be Kind to Your Coaches
We’ve been working hard to rebuild lost revenue with lots of personal training hours.  Those income earning opportunities have just been taken away from us and we are being plunged right back into financial hardship.  As a business we are facing a very real risk to our survival.  We’ve survived this before but it was only because of your steadfast support and the way our amazing Empower community really came together in the face of hardship.  I know it is a lot to ask of you in one year but we are counting on you again to stand together to help see each other through!  2020 has provided plenty of tests and so far we’ve conquered them with spirit and spunk.  I for one am not about to lie down and admit defeat in the face of a few more speed bumps on our road to fitness.