Thursday you will get to work on some handstand holds. There will be three rounds of a three minute handstand hold and five burpees for every set it takes to complete your handstand. Burpees will be done before the start of each round.  We have done this one before so please check the system to help set a target.

For you who braved yesterday’s hero Manion this is a great chance to get some movement in and feel better for it. Zoomers and those coming to open gym without a kick up to a wall you can do a wall walk, have your feet on a box, or do an overhead hold with a bar, plate, dumbbells, or other objects. On the burpee try to be as athletic as possible, jump back and up. I found this one to be the perfect day to end the three workout cycle. It was better than the L pull ups and easier than Manion. Because of this it ended up being just right.

Thought of the day

Do you know that I do personal training too?  I know Corey Has mentioned his personal training in previous posts but I seem to have failed to mention mine. I am not going to talk the features here but if you are interested in know more email me [email protected] or talk to me in the gym. What is more import than the how is the why and why for the personal training is to save you time, help you reach your goals faster, and have fun doing it.  It has been so awesome watching members reach goals they did not thing possible with just a little support one on one or even two on one.

We know you are feeling sore from the last few days but don’t miss this one. A little bit of movement will go a long way.  Look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.




QOD: What are you going to accomplish this week?

Warm up

2 rnds ( 1 min each)

Os push ups

Hollow hold

Inch worm

Superman hold

Bear crawl

Pvc ohs


Handstand hold




3 minute handstand hold

5 burpees for every set the round took

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Shoulder circles

Downward dog

Child pose

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