Thursday will be more of a technique gymnastics day. After yesterdays run and burpees workout It is time for a little more skill practice. You will be working on you handstand walking and single legged squats.

For some of you the five round workout below looks like a fun challenge and a great opportunity to develop you skills. But for others of you it just looks very threatening and like a good time for a rest day. If you are in the latter camp join us on zoom and we will have a thirty minute practice option to help you get more familiar with these movements and how to build them.

When I started Crossfit anything overhead was a big challenge and this means that I have a ton to share to help you build your handstand and handstand walk. Being able to stabilize your knee in a single leg squat is a prerequisite to running safely.


This may have been one you thought to avoid but regardless of where you are starting we have something that will help you move forward on these two more technique movements. See you on zoom and in the open gym.




H:00 Warm up

3 rnds

3 goblet squats

5 inch worm plus pike push up

1 minute hollow hold, superman hold, hollow rock


Handstand walk



100 ft Handstand walk

30 alternating pistols


30 Minutes  practice on handstand walk and pistols

Cool down

Hip cross overs

Pull overs

Child pose