Handstand walking.  For most of us not an easy skill to learn.  At CrossFit Vancouver I used to throw my legs into the air and stagger my hands forward as far as possible before collapsing in pursuit of that coveted RX.  It was dangerous, looked awful and did nothing to help me develop that skill.

Summer 2014 I dedicated myself to learning this skill properly.  It took 3 or 4 months of nearly daily practice and the improvements were incremental but now I can manage a 6 metre walk.  A big improvement.

At CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street we have a learning progression thanks to our gymnastics coach Jennifer Dober.  And it has proven successful for many of us and is much safer!

We have a plank position hand to hand weight transfer practice for those who cannot yet kick up to the wall.  For those with a kick up we practice hand-to-hand weight shifts against the wall.  We have many athletes in this category: Dr. T, Bruiser, Still Waters, Big Cat, Jen X, G-Money, Fast Trak, Doc Disc.
IMG_3822 IMG_3829IMG_3831
Hard Rock & Dangers have both developed good handstand walks and did this WOD RX’d.  Today Dangers beat Hard Rock’s time by 1 second plus a diaper change.

Great work everyone:)