The Chinese have a curse that roughly translated reads: “May you live in interesting times.”

Unfortunately this is precisely one of those times!  There are some very difficult decisions to be made that are even more difficult when they fail to serve your personal financial interests.  But at Empower we have always tried to put the health and well-being of our members first and it’s the decisions you make that go against your own self interests that prove your character.

We’ve received a lot of helpful guidance from the medical professionals in our community, each one a person I hold in high esteem and, in this situation, they are better positioned than the rest of us to advise on the course of action that best serves the interests of our community.  On this subject they have been of like mind:  Though the government has not ordered it yet (they should have) we must do the responsible thing and close our doors for the next 2-3 weeks to limit transmission of the virus.

This is a decision we do not make lightly because we are as committed to our training as you are to yours!  So this is what we are going to do to keep you active and healthy while COVID runs its course:

1) At-Home WODs
We will continue to post at-home versions of the WOD that you can follow from wherever you are.  Track your WODs, record scores and submit your results at month end for credit toward your 20 in 2020.  Our challenge won’t take a break just because of a bit of virus going around!

2) Equipment Library
Thanks D-Knee for sharing this great idea!  Need some equipment for your at-home WOD?  Come by the gym 7:15am weekdays or 9:15am weekends to sign out what you need.  Afraid to come in?  Email both [email protected] & [email protected] by 7pm the night before and we’ll have your equipment wiped down and waiting for you outside our door for pick up promptly at 7:15/9:15am.  Please return items by 7:15/9:15am the next day so others get to use them too.

3) Outdoor WODs
We are going to run daily outdoor WODs at various locations 6-7 am weekday mornings, 5-6 pm weeknights and weekends at 8-9 am and 11 am-12 pm.  We will do these at safe social distance adapting the WODs as needed so equipment won’t be required.  We’ll be in sight and shouting distance of one another but not within transmission range.  Locations will change daily.  We will email location, warm up and workout instructions to all registered attendees the night before.  Dress for the weather!

COVID offers us an opportunity to do the right thing for one another and grow together as a community.  We may need to temporarily change the nature of our association but there is no need to stop getting fit and having fun!