After heavy Fran you get a chance for a nice lifting day. You will need your coffee and some wild stories for Thursdays hang power snatch. Though the snatch can be a very complex movement we will take time to break it down and help you with this movement.  If you are joining us on zoom have an object to lift and you may need to do more than one especially if it is an odd object.

Though the guidelines are changing tomorrow in gyms we still need to wear masks. Make sure to bring yours and Corey will have a more detailed blog about what the change in guidelines means to us on Friday.

For the classes come in prepared with your previous snatch weights and we will find a percentage for you to work at. It is great to have a plan and ten singles is more lifting than you would expect. You will have a good time with this one. What is one goal you have for your hang power snatch day? We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes and in the open gyms.

Thought of the day

Tomorrow is Canada day and I know some people will take it as an excuse to have some beer and a barbeque. I am not saying you should not do those things, but also make sure to do something that moves your game forward first. Living for the weekend is understand able but sometimes if you want to move yourself forward you need to do the things that others won’t.  What is one thing you can do this Canada day to move your game forward?



QOD: Best garbage TV?

Warm up

4 minutes

5 inch worm

10 shoulder pass throughs

5 full body rocks

10 pvc sotts press

30 sec plank


Snatch drops


Hang power snatch


Hang power Snatch


Lifting 3-5 mins

Cool down

Grip stretch

Wrist stretches

Downward dog

Child pose

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