Time for another Tuesday lifting day! It goes without saying but, make sure you have a coffee and some of your best stories ready for your breaks between sets. You will get the chance to work on your hang squat snatches tomorrow. Pick one piece of the movement you want to work on, whether it’s a faster turn over, speed under the bar, or hip contact, and use your hour of dedicated practice on that one piece.

For some of us the less technical power snatch is preferred but tomorrow will be a great opportunity for you to get comfortable getting under the bar. If you will join us from zoom land have an object you can put overhead. This may need to be a single handed squat snatch for you but that will be good practice too. For the group classes we will give you a lot of time to build to your weight for you first working set. Always remember, on days like today, to leave your ego at the door and make the most out of your lifting day.

Thought of the day

Have you ever had to take one step back so you were able to take two forward? I am reminded of years ago having a lot of trouble getting under the bar in the snatch. I could get a lot of weight up but would always catch the bar in a power position and squat it down from there. So one session I spent an hour with a ninety five pound barbell and worked on catching it lower and lower. It was a very frustrating and humbling session but really paid off in the end.

Tomorrow do not worry if it is a session like that for you. Just make sure whatever you choose weight wise is something that is helping move your technique and skill forward. Even if in the moment it feels like a step back.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes, and open gyms.



Warm Up

1 minute of each

Shoulder Pass throughs

Os push ups

Back Lunges

Full body rocks

Pvc sotts press


Snatch Drops


Build weight


Hang Squat Snatch


3-5 minute rest between sets

Cool down

Shoulder pass thoughts

Grip stretch

Couch stretch

Child pose with pvc

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