May 2 2015
Wow, talk about a dose of nostalgia! Dr. T, Bruiser & Magnum were all on hand for the 8am WOD today. 20 years ago we worked together at UBC! And these 3 are fitter still than 90% of 20-year olds walking around on the street! I am so proud of them! I am so happy I get to see them several times a week.

And it makes me miss the rest of our team: Dom – an O.T. living nearby, maybe we can get him in one day, Azpiri – still CrossFitting at CrossFit Vancouver where he started training with me, Rhoad a Presbyterian Minister in the USA. Most of all I miss Cliff. We all miss Cliff. He was the best of us. He passed away 10 years ago this day:( I still hear his coaching every running WOD we do. “Corey, slow down if you have to but DO NOT STOP.” Cliff, I want you to know that I never do stop. No matter how tired I am, no matter how much it hurts. I may be slow but I do not stop. Thanks for getting me through!

So 8am got a bit crazy. Sure, last Saturday we had a total of about 12 attendees in the entire day. Today 11 in the 11am. Half signed in on the old system, half signed in on the new. No one’s fault. Should sort itself out soon. Thanks 8am for your cooperation and great sharing of equipment!

8am Shine, Joe, S.J., Still Waters, Dangers, Magnum, Dr. T, The Source, G-Money, K-Pop

9am A-Train & Peril

10am Mr. Fantastic, Special, Fast Trak

2pm Sprite, Taskmaster, Mellow, Captain

Supposed to be a rest day but too busy to WOD tomorrow so had to get it done today.

Between classes I took on CrossFit WOD Nasty Girls V.2
3 Rounds:
50 Alternating Pistols
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Clean @175#

Last time I tried it scaled I only made it part way through the pistols of round 2 before running out of time as group class was starting. Didn’t have much time today either so not sure if I’d make it through. Used 2 red bands for pistols. Lightened bar to 155#.

First round of pistols hard on my knees and back but in 2nd round I began to figure out better movement mechanics and they became easier and I relied on bands less. Not a strength thing, my legs did not fatigue at all. More about balance and flexibility but I am getting it! Did irritate my back a bit though.

Muscle ups felt good.

Kept sets short in HPC to protect back. Felt OK. Finished at 41:27 with 15 minutes to spare before class. My first time to complete this WOD. Next time, hope to do it RX’d!

A sunny walk home along Dunbar. Headed out to a birthday/Mother’s Day family dinner. Stopped for some cheesecake on the way home at Cheesecakes Etc. A gorgeous Vancouver day. Topped up my glycogen stores. Then to bed. No work or training tomorrow. Decadent!