July 1 2015
This is day 1 of our 2nd 21-Day Real Food Challenge and as such I will be scoring my activities and meals for demonstration purposes.

I slept in getting my first 8 hour sleep since this Vancouver heat wave (-2 pts).

Did my work before Kaelin & Sunghee woke.  Went to IGA for eggs then made a cheese omelette and quinoa porridge for breakfast.

Egg, cheese (+2), 2 servings of Quinoa (+2), Butter, coconut milk.  Total: +4
Kaelin rushed to make his breakfast, iron his uniform and polish his boots at at 9am we drove to Canada Place to deliver him to the exhibition hall for the Canada Day events.  Sunghee & I decided to stay around there and enjoy the festivities.  $25 parking.  Ouch.  Texted my Mom inviting her to join us.  We walked around about 3 hours in the hot Vancouver sun (-6).  No CrossFit WOD for us to day but plenty of walking!

Of course we had to eat.  Not the best day to start the real food challenge ion since our lunch came entirely from food trucks.

Meat skewers (prepared in restaurant (+1), sausage & bacon skewers (+3)
Not so filling.  Needed more.  Beef Taco (+1) on a corn tortilla (+2) with sauce (+3)
When Kaelin finished at 2pm we took him for food and treated him to a bucket of mini donuts which we all shared of course (+3).  Food Truck Total: +12!
From there we drove to my Mom’s then back to our place for a brief rest then we drove to my brother’s place in Surrey a total driving time of 1 hour (+2).

There his partners sister and brother-in-law visiting from Brazil made us a fantastic steak dinner!  I ate 2 huge helpings.  Steak in mushroom sauce, 2 servings potatoes (+2), fruit salad, 1 scoop ice cream (+3), blueberries, cherries & grapes.  Meal Total: +5
We hung around and laughed until my sides hurt.  It was nearly 10pm when we drove my mom home then headed home ourselves (+2).

Stopped at the CIBC on Dunbar Street to deposit cheques then home to bed.  The evening had cooled off.  Easy to sleep.

Today’s Totals:
Sleep -2
Walking/Sun -6
Sitting +4
Food +21
Balance: +17