Mufasa Upstaged!
Good job Mufasa encouraging others to get out and take on risky challenges.  Great job Hawkeye in totally outdoing Mufasa’s feats of daring!  Special acknowledgement to the anonymous, unnamed film crew (it was Radar) who take the risks in order to capture these moments of victory!

Pajama Time!
Thanks for everyone who joined us Saturday night for our Pajama Party.  Prize goes to Mark who came in Gymkata’s onesie.  Special thanks to She-Ra who read us Sandra Boyton’s “Pajama Time” as a bedtime story.

Here’s a fun little 20 min AMRAP to get you started out right on Mother’s Day.

Here’s another K-Star gem on how to practice a proper plank.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you for signing up for our Mother’s Day ZWOD!

Warm up
15/15 hip swings
1 min high knees
1 min butt kicks
1 min skips
1 min sideways slide
1 min grape vine
1 min inch worm
1 min L raise

Review wod movement options

20 min Amrap
200m run
1 min plank

Scaling options
Shuttle sprints (4×25 m)
250 m row
500m bike
15 burpees
1 min run on the spot

Cool down
Runners stretch
Hip swings
Calf drops
Hip cross overs